Finally; Pro Video Expert reveals how you can create/edit badass high converting videos to grow any business massively....

And his personal secret strategies to charging clients N80,000+ for very short videos...

..Using only Your SMARTPHONE

Just Take a look at these images below


E choke abi?

What if I showed you the ONE WAY to get amazing results like the ones you see above (or even better) for yourself too?

What if I told you that you need only that Smartphone in your hand and what I'm about to show you to achieve these crazy results in a short while from now?

Well, let's see HOW...

Do you fall into any of the category below?

  • I want to learn how to use highly engaging videos  to make my brand outstanding, but I don't know how
  • I can't afford paying BIG MONEY to expert video editors always to edit for me...I'm a small business owner
  • I have tried learning Professional video editing on Youtube several times but it's too slow and nobody to guide me
  • I need a solid digital high paying skill as an extra source of income
  • I'm  very scared of video editing because I heard it's very difficult, is it true?
  • They said I must have a PC/Laptop to edit professional videos, is there any way my phone can do this?

If any of the above is YOU, then you're in luck today with what I'm about to show you...

Introducing The Smartphone Video Hackers Club (SVHC)

In this detailed online program/training, you will have the privilege to Learn and Master the deep Professional and Highly Profitable aspects of Smartphone Video creation/editing even if you're a complete newbie or have no existing experience. 

You will get access to secret information only 1% of people have access to. I'm talking about strategies and information you can't get anywhere else.

My name is Akpove Victory (popularly known as the Oracle of Video ads)

Now there are lot of people who talk about Video editing online, but with little or no results. I've been able to create a result oriented journey in this industry for my clients and students over the years and here are some of my outstanding results

  • I have a solid 2 years+ experience doing this.
  • I've created hundreds of videos for brands in Nigeria and internationally.
  • I've been hired by several Top 8 figure Affiliate marketers in Nigeria to handle their video projects which generated lots of money for them. The likes of Caleb Nwanneka, Chigozie Mmebo, Preye Tobi and others..
  • I've taught over 4000 students on this skill and they have massive results to show for it. I don't teach theory, I teach deep practical strategies that work crazily.

Enough of my words now, see what they said about me....

While you might see some of tangible these things I've been able to achieve, I have to tell you it wasn't always like this for me.

Let me shock you! Not too long ago I was just a very frustrated young guy. Why you may ask?

Let me give you a very brief summary; Life was going fairly OK, then things went downhill

  • My dad lost his job when I was 7 years old and I had to face the harsh reality of life.
  • We were sent parking to 5 different houses in just 9 years cos we couldn't keep up with rent anywhere.
  • We owed a lot of debts here and there. We were the laughingstock in our neighborhood. 
  • We became homeless the day I was to write Literature (an art student's most vital paper) in NECO exam. I don't even know how I passed that exam.
  • I squatted in 3 of my courses mates houses as a Year 1 student in the University. Slept in lecture halls most times. 
  • Started doing some little online business, lost lots of money I borrowed to ponzi schemes.

I started a data reselling business so I could make some money

Me on the streets selling my data services from shop to shop

Did some online investments in HYIP platforms

I made some nice money but all the platforms crashed..

And I was back to zero till I found Smartphone video editing

It literally took me from me from my flooded apartment to..

Me presently in my comfortable space

Now in 2022, see some of my paid video projects. 

Some of my personal results

In this Training, you will discover and learn;


The deep unknown ways to edit highly professional videos fast and easily to give you massive results (visibility, customers, sales) in your business.


My real working secret strategies to getting high paying clients for your video editing skill even without begging them to pay.


As good as this is, Unfortunately it's not for everybody. It's not for you if;

  • You are looking for quick rich/money doubling schemes. Go somewhere else.
  • You don't want to work but expect results. There's no magic here so putting in work is not optional.
  • You are completely broke and desperate to make money. People like that don't focus on learning properly. You are not needed here.
  • You are not willing to consistently implement what you'll learn. Then there's no need starting at all.

So if any of the above is YOU, You can kindly excuse yourself and exit this page right now. Thank you!!

Here's What you’ll get in this Training


Smartphone Video Hackers Course 1.0 (VALUE: N15,000)

(In this course, I will lay the right foundation and teach you the vital basics and introductory part to video editing. This is the most important part of video editing and many others don’t have the knowledge contained in here)

  • A deep introduction to the editing tool (layers, audio, text, handwriting etc).
  • The Professional use of Animation keys.
  • Understanding Aspect ratios (forget about ever creating professional videos if you don't know this)
  • Learning the Almighty Pan and Zoom effect
  • Utilizing the Assets store (for sound effects, transition effects, music etc).
  • Badass editing with Clip graphics and transitions

Smartphone Video Hackers Course 2.0 

(VALUE: N30,000)

(Here we take it up to a more advanced level where you’ll learn lots of professional video editing hacks and tricks)

  • Green screen and Chroma key editing
  • Video manipulation and video shopping
  • Editing Slow motion and Hyper-lapse (fast motion) videos 
  • Professional subtitle editing (the industry global standard)
  • Podcast video creation/editing

Smartphone Video Hackers Course Pro 3.0 

(VALUE: N40,000)

(This is the BIG PLAYERS STAGE. It’s a Super course where I take your video editing skills to a whole new dimension. Here we go super advanced and this is where you become badass and Pro doing this)

  • Advanced logo intro/outro animations (Adobe effect standard)
  • YouTube professional video editing (adding subscribe button, text animations etc). 
  • Adding Progress bars to videos (this is used by Top business gurus to spice up their videos)
  • Video cloning (making yourself appear twice on screen at the same time)
  • Framing videos (this is a BIG SECRET hack Top figures use to make one video suitable across all social media platforms) 
  • The creative art of Shadow effect editing
  • Professional mockup videos
  • Dynamic Whiteboard animation (and more updated content to be added)

Super High Converting video script Model 

(VALUE: N50,000)

  • My Powerful HBC formula for writing high converting video scripts that converts crazily
  • 3 best working secret video scripting methods
  • The exact scripting method to sell Products/services directly on video adverts

Business Booster Video Content Bible 

(VALUE: N50,000)

  • In this section, You will learn everything about the deep psychology behind creating & editing High converting videos for any business/brand that is guaranteed to produce the desired results (leads, customers, sales etc..)

Weekly Coaching/Support Sessions 

(VALUE: N50,000)

  • I want to continue helping you and not leave you alone EVER. With this you’ll be able to;
  • Ask questions and get swift answers from me and other experienced video editors
  • Leverage on the Community of experienced video editors to settle in quickly
  • Get personal guidance from me and also future updates

Now I know the BIG QUESTION running in your head right now is How much is the SVHC Training?

Looking at everything I've showed you, how much do you think this is worth?

N15,000 + N30,000 + N40,000 + N50,000 + N50,000 + N50,000 = 235,000 Naira

That's the total worth of everything you are getting when you get the SVHC program today.

Even though it's completely justifiable, It will be very inhumane of me to charge you N200,000 for the SVHC program

Like it will still be on the high side to charge what Ola said I should charge here...

And that's not even all..

I went ahead to add 9 crazy mind blowing Bonuses that’ll make your journey on this super faster, more productive and result oriented just like me and my students.

This is why my students are so successful doing this because they are guided on the right path by me and have all they need in this program.


(Each of these Bonuses are worth over N20,000 each)

Private video editing community

With this, You will never be left alone. Whether you get stuck, me and other expert video editors are always going to be available to provide solutions for you.

My students don’t even call this a community anymore...they call it a FAMILY because that’s how it feels in there.

Selling your skill to millions Course

This is the course that is responsible for me and my students cashing out BIG TIME doing Smartphone video editing. All my goldmine fire working strategies to getting high paying clients for video jobs are contained in here

Special Xmas Bonus

This one is specifically only for those enrolling Today and the worth is Priceless

  • I’ll show you my ”never revealed personal secret strategies” I use to leverage on the festive Xmas period to get more high paying video jobs
  • And for business owners, I’ll show you how to use certain styles of videos to massively increase your Xmas sales.
Premium Tools

You will be given access to the Premium version of the apps/tools we’ll be making use of without paying a dime. Cool right?

Access to my Private Video editing Challenge 1.0

In this challenge, I usually give my mentorship students video editing challenges and tasks to compete with one another and win cash prizes ranging from N10,000 and above.

Another Premium video editing course using other tools

I decided to gift you another of my video editing courses which teaches you how to use a different tool for video editing. I’ve sold this in the past but you are privileged to get it FREE.

Free Access to SVHC updates; version 4.0 and others to come

The video content industry is very dynamic so I regularly upgrade the SVHC program content so the information remains relevant and you will get access to all future updates without paying any extra money. Not many coaches will do this.

Access to my Private Video editing Challenge 2.0

This is the higher version of my Video editing challenge and the winners of this one get to work with me personally and have the rare privilege to receive video jobs directly from me.


This one is super crazy because I usually get super high paying video jobs.

My Best Selling Product Video Ads Course

This course would teach you the secret art of creating videos specifically for Physical products to sell them like crazy. This is the same video strategy used by Ecommerce giants like Jumia, Alibaba and Konga.

Just a few Video samples of what you'll learn in this course

Like I said, these are just a few video samples. I can't possibly put a sample for everything here


After taking this training, you will be able to;


Easily Create/Edit badass high converting videos for yourself, your brand or business to get more crazy results


Easily Monetize this skill as an extra source of income by editing videos for clients and getting paid 50k and above per short videos just like me and my students

Looking at everything I've showed you, how much do you now think this is worth?

Remember that the SVHC Program itself is worth a Total of over N235,000

Then the Bonuses alone are worth a Total of over N180,000

That's N235,000 + N270,000 = N415,000

So let's say you invest just N200,000 (which is half of the Total worth) to get this program...

And you are able to make at least 300k every month editing videos for clients,

Or as business owner/entrepreneur, you are able to edit high converting videos to massively grow your business (more sales, leads or customers)

Don't you agree with me that it's worth the price?

Ok, See for yourself below...

My students results

So you see, I'm not just here capping. I know how this works, I teach my students and they get same results too

After seeing all this, I believe you can say that this training should be worth a lot because it's loaded with mind blowing results and you're right

I can easily charge N100,000 for this course (after all it's proven to work for you). But I won't do that

What about N75,000? Still good, but NO

I decided to peg this at a fee of N50,000 only

"Victory, why?"

That's what my mind is asking me now (because my new students literally even charge 50k for their first ever video project... so WHY?

Yes I know it sounds very crazy

Here's even more crazy; If you make the SMART MOVE to get this program right now, you won't even pay up to half of that

So it's not



Or even N50,000

For Today, You'd get the Full course including all the BONUSES at a one time fee of

N20,000 only

Yes!! I'll allow you cheat me TODAY (this will be available only for a very short time. I kid you not)


Just imagine in a very short while from now;

  • You can finally create/edit badass professional videos using just your Smartphone and don’t have to spend heavily to pay expert video editors like me
  • Your business is growing massively because you’re making use of high converting videos
  • You can confidently charge clients 30k, 50k and even more and they'll be the ones begging you to collect their money (just like they beg me and my students)
  • Sapa would be a thing of the past because your bank account is far above that

See what more of my students are saying about this course

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training for?

It's for 2 sets of people:

1) You run a business/brand and you want to learn how to personally create/edit high converting videos that gives you business growth and massive results like sales, leads, customers etc..

2) You want to use this profitable skill as an extra source of income by charging clients 50k+ and more for short videos.

When does the training begin?

Its an INSTANT ACCESS VIDEO course which you get FULL ACCESS immediately after enrolling and it’s self paced which means you can follow at your own convenience.

Can’t I just learn this on Youtube?

Well, I’m not stopping you but good luck with getting real time answers when you’re stuck (which will happen countless times cos this is video editing).

Good luck with Youtube teaching you how to get high paying clients for video jobs or how to create videos to grow your business. Good luck with Youtube holding your hands and telling you what works and what doesn’t.

It’s a BIG GOOD LUCK from me to you.

Will you teach how to shoot videos?

No and No!! This is a video editing course, not videography. They’re not the same in any way. You can browse for the clear difference on Google.

What happens after i register now?

You will be instantly redirected to get access to the course content, materials and all the Bonuses

Do I need to have any existing experience to get this?

No you don’t. This is perfect for you whether you’re a complete newbie or if you have any past knowledge of this. This course covers everything from Basic to Advanced level.

Can I also use my Laptop for this?

No. This course doesn’t teach video editing for PC/Laptop. It’s strictly a SMARTPHONE video editing course where you’d learn how to create/edit badass videos using your SMARTPHONE ONLY. Afterall this is like soft work where you just need your phone to edit simple short videos.

I'm very busy now. Can I enroll now and go through the training later?

Yes you can and I strongly advise you should because after now you would be paying 2x more to get the course. The best part is that it’s a self paced course which means you can go through it at your own convenience

How long will I have access to the Program?

You get LIFETIME ACCESS to the Training and it's stored on a cloud based system which means you'd always have access to the course even if you change devices.

What type of device do i need for this?

You need only your SMARTPHONE. Android or Iphone (both work perfectly for this).

Will i be required to pay for the tools we'll be using?

NO you won’t pay a dime. The course contains the PREMIUM VERSION of the apps/tools we will be making use of. Except for iPhone users due to the Apple’s strict policies (but for a start, you can do without the premium version or just subscribe for it at a very cheap rate). Several IOS users have taken this course and it didn’t affect them in any way.

What if i have questions or need help later on?

Nothing to worry about because you will get FULL ACCESS to my Private support community immediately after enrolling for the course.

Will the price increase anytime soon?

Yes. The price increases to the normal fee of N50,000 after a very short while.

Oh!! You're still here?

Don't tell me with everything you've seen, you're still delaying or overthinking. Well if you're doing that, this probably isn't for you because you would have TAKEN ACTION already.

Here's the thing; I can boldly assure you that the N20,000 DISCOUNT FEE would not last long and it may definitely be gone when you come back to this page later...

So you have 2 very simple options;

  • It's very easy to be average in life, business and finance so you can keep doing that thing you've been doing the wrong way that's not working and keep struggling with it. Maybe you'll eventually get it right after many years of trial and error.
  • Ignore all excuses, Take a leap of faith, Learn from someone with proven results, save yourself all the stress and get something done for once in your life for your very own benefit.

Like I always say

"At the end of the day, It's 100% your choice, not mine